Research Projects

Taylor, John

Project Description

Many proteins and protein fragments (peptides) are known to form aggregated insoluble structures called beta fibrils.  Some of these insoluble structures are closely associated with disease states such as Altzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.  Short peptide segments of such proteins that retain the ability to form beta-fibrils in aqueous solution will be synthesized and studied, together with analogs designed to investigate the structural requirements for aggregation.


GPA: no fixed requirement
Course Experience: at least one semester of organic chemistry recommended

Note: Only limited opportunities are available.  Students are expected to write a grant application to the Rutgers Aresty program during their first semester in the group.  Research during the summer is not an option.

Current Undergraduate Researchers

  • Kristen Reale
  • Ilona Litvak

Publications with Undergraduate Co-authors

None recently.


Undergraduate Vice Chair
Ralf Warmuth

Undergraduate Coordinator
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