Date: May 17, 2011

TeddyAsefa May2011Teddy Asefa is honored with the NSF Special Creativity Award from the Division of Materials Research of National Science Foundation (NSF) for his work related to the development of novel nanoceramic materials. The Special Creativity Award is given only for those scientists who have a proven history of producing excellent research results and is provided as a supplemental grant to those outstanding scientists already conducting NSF-funded research. This award is initiated by program officers at NSF and is offered to the most creative investigators as an opportunity to attack adventurous, “high-risk” opportunities in the same general research area, but not necessarily covered by the original/current proposal.

NSFThis award comes with an additional unrestricted grant of $160,000, which would allow Teddy to develop novel nanomaterials and nancocatalysts for energy applications, including nanocatalysts for conversion of CO2 into liquid fuels.  Teddy was also recently recognized from the same program with an American Competitiveness and Innovation Fellowship.