New Faculty Commencing Sept 1, 2017

Mark Lipke v2Dr. Mark Lipke hails from Buffalo, NY and earned his B.S. in chemistry from Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, OH. Mark then left the shores of Lake Erie for the Pacific Ocean, earning his PhD in the group of Prof. Don Tilley at the University of California at Berkeley. There, he received world-class training in the study of reactive transition metal catalysts and main-group compounds while investigating novel electrophilic catalysts for hydrosilation reactions. Seeking to expand his chemical horizons, Mark moved on to studying supramolecular chemistry and molecular machines as a postdoctoral fellow in the Nobel-Prize-winning research group of Prof. Fraser Stoddart at Northwestern University. As an assistant professor at Rutgers, Dr. Lipke will apply his multidisciplinary background to the study of catalysts for the sustainable production of fuels and other valuable chemical products. This research will utilize supramolecular synthetic methods to examine how the reactivity of catalytic metal centers can be altered and enhanced by interactions with ancillary metal or organic functional units at varying length scales.