sulis hult content 6d2cbBoth of Rutgers University's Hult Prize teams that competed this weekend at the Regionals Competition placed first at in the Boston and Shanghai Regionals Competition, respectively. 

Hult Prize at Rutgers held a pitch competition in December 2017 and the first-place winner, Sulis, continued to the Boston Regional competition in March 9-10th, 2018. There, Sulis competed against 45 universities from around the world and won first place, beating teams from Yale University, Brown University, Harvard University, University of Michigan, New York University, Duke University, the University of Pennsylvania, and others. LivingWaters applied through the online application of the competition and made it to the Shanghai regional finals, there beating out over 50 of the top Asian universities to advance to the summer accelerator.

Sulis' technology is based on recent groundbreaking research that allows the Sulis device to harness the energy of the sun to directly sanitize water, rather than using solar energy to power a secondary sanitation device.

Sulis team:

Anurag Modak - SAS & Honors College: Cell Biology and Neuroscience with minors in Business Administration and Spanish 

Sarah Pomeranz - RBS & Honors College: Management with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and a minor in Social Justice 

Yuki Osumi - SAS & Honors College: Chemistry and Sociology 

Ari Mendelow - SOE: Industrial and Systems Engineering with minor in Economics

LivingWaters is creating a cost-effective, DIY zero-energy rainwater catchment system that captures, filters, and stores an abundant self-replenishing supply of clean rainwater​ right at the doorstep.

​LivingWaters team:​

Joshua Kao - RBS & SAS: Marketing and Religious Studies

Thomas Irving - RBS: Accounting and minoring in Chinese 

Jane Peterken - SOE: 

​Civil and ​

Environmental Engineering 

Shrey Ghate - SOE: Civil

​ and Envrionmental​


Professor Mukesh M. Patel serves as Faculty Advisor to both teams, Sulis and Living Waters, where he led a network of collaborative support.  Sulis was born at the Rutgers Honors College (NB) Forum/Mission Program and was advanced, developed and received a seed grant in its Innovation Lab for Social Entrepreneurship run by Prof. Patel, its Founding Director of Innovation. Sulis and Living Waters are collaboratively supported by Rutgers Business School where Mr. Patel serves as Asst. Professor of Professional Practice. Sulis was also accepted into and received additional support from Rutgers Law School Entrepreneurship Clinic where Prof. Patel serves as founding Director of Development, and the Rutgers I-Corps, where Sulis is receiving a NSF research grant and training support with Professor Patel as Sulis’s principal Faculty Advisor.

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