ACS NOLA AR Gaines f578bA new dimension in research dissemination: augmented reality (AR) enhanced poster presentations showcased at the NOLA ACS meeting.

At the American Chemical Society meeting in New Orleans last month, the COMP division showcased a new form of research "posters" that are enhanced with augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) elements that enable interactive 3D molecular visualization and provide an immersive experience.  This work involved a multi-institutional collaboration between the laboratory for Biomolecular Simulation Research (LBSR) and the Cyberlearning Innovation and Research Center (CIRC) at Rutgers and the Purdue institute for Drug Discovery.  The AR app was developed by the CIRC team (James Dipierro and James Chun) and showcased on the Chemical & Engineering News FaceBook Live. 

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