Senior Exhibit bannerEach year, the Department of Chemistry & Chemical Biology hosts an event to celebrate the academic achievements of our undergraduate students. This year’s event was hosted virtually.

The Senior Exhibit, organized by the Rutgers-New Brunswick Office of the Provost and Rutgers-New Brunswick Libraries, was held on May 1 through Webex video conferencing. It featured both synchronous and asynchronous components (recording here).

Participating seniors presented their posters via personal Webex rooms. Participants' posters and pre-recorded videos were on display for review, and students were available in real time to engage and respond to questions about their presentations.



2020 Senior Researchers 

 Researcher  PI Title
Andrew Cruz Ralf Warmuth Synthesis and Properties of a Water Soluble Octaimine Hemicarcerand
Anika Jalil Charles Dismukes Development of Falling Thin Film Flow Cell for CO2 Reduction Reaction
Patrick Liu Alan Goldman Computational Review of Pincer-Ligated Molybdenum Catalysts for Ammonia Production
Iram Mansoor Mark Lipke Electronic States and H+ Reduction Activity of Cobalt Complexes Supported by Viologen-like Terpyridine Ligands
Yuki Osumi Jing Li Fluorescent Detection of Carbon Disulfide with an Isoreticular Series of Interpenetrated Zr-based LMOFs
Elizabeth Park Jacques Roberge Synthesis and Exploration of the Reactivity of a Chiral ansa-Bis(indenyl) Zirconocene Bearing a Chiral Backbone Derived from L-tartaric Acid
Joshua Stein Jianyuan Zhang Synthesis of an Amphiphilic C70 Fullerene Derivative for Biomedical Applications
Kyra Yap Charles Dismukes Electrochemical CO2 Reduction to Ethylene Glycol at Only 200 mV Overpotential on Iron Phosphide


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