• Sidney Toby
  • Professor Emeritus and Lecturer
  • Location: Wright Rieman Labs 276/294
  • Phone: (732) 445-5312



  • B.S. 1952, London
  • Ph.D. 1955, McGill

Awards & Honors

  • Visiting Professor, California Institute of Technology 1975
  • Visiting Professor, Stanford University 1982-1983
  • Visiting Professor, University of British Columbia, 1999-2000

Research Summary

Our research is concerned with atmospheric chemistry, particularly the reactions of ozone. Ozone is a unique molecule in that most of its reactions are accompanied by the emission of light. This chemiluminescence is important for the following reasons. (1) It is a sensitive analytical tool that can be used to detect parts per billion of reactants as diverse as arsine, nickel carbonyl, and dimethyl sulfide. (2) Spectroscopic analysis of the emission from reactive intermediates gives a wealth of information about their energy states, geometry, and reactivity. Examples are HSO, FCO, AND CF2 (both triplet and excited singlet). (3) Chemiluminescence serves as an invaluable probe in chemical kinetics, enabling one to detect intermediates, understand reaction mechanisms, and measure rate constants. Systems which have been investigated in this way are the reactions of ozone with tetrafluoroethene, with thiophene, and with carbon monoxide.


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