Drs. Emily Atieh, Darrin York, and Marc Muñiz adapted a previously-validated survey to investigate the study skills on two scales (deep and surface level) of General Chemistry students here at Rutgers. The researchers used logistic regression modeling to illustrate the extent to which students’ deep and surface study approaches can predict their course outcomes, while taking into account several demographic variables as well. In addition, this study examined students’ self-reported use of various study resources and which of these resources were associated with better course outcomes. The findings in this Journal of Chemical Education article provide insight into the ways in which students approach studying for their assessments in a course that is often one of the first taken by STEM majors and is typically associated with higher rates of attrition.

Atieh, E. L., York, D. M., & Muñiz, M. N. (2021). Beneath the Surface: An Investigation of General Chemistry Students’ Study Skills to Predict Course Outcomes. Journal of Chemical Education, 98(8), 281-292. doi:10.1021/acs.jchemed.0c01074


About the Authors
Emily Atieh was a graduate student in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology when this was published, and has since earned her PhD in chemistry education research. She is currently a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Virginia working with Dr. Marilyne Stains: https://sites.google.com/view/marilynestains/the-team

Marc Muñiz is an Assistant Professor of Professional Practice in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, with a background in chemistry education research. Muñiz’s current teaching responsibilities include extended general chemistry, honors general chemistry and active learning recitations. In the past, he has taught physical chemistry, physical chemistry lab, general chemistry, and content courses for pre-service teachers. Learn more about Muñiz’s research and teaching here: https://sasose.rutgers.edu/triad-coalition/93-triad-coalition/who-we-are/231-marc-muniz-about

Darrin York is a Distinguished Professor in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical biology. His research group investigates the development and application of multi-scale quantum methods for simulations of biological reactions. He is the coordinator of General Chemistry and was the Director of the Cyberlearning Innovation and Research Center that developed and provided eLearning support for online recitations and a dynamic system for administering homework and quizzes. Learn more about York’s research and teaching here: https://rutchem.rutgers.edu/people/faculty-bio/201-york-darrin-m