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Eric Garfunkel

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Garfinlab2010 290240Affiliations:

  • Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CCB)
  • Institute for Advanced Materials, Devices, and Nanotechnology (IAMDN)
  • Laboratory for Surface Modification (LSM)

Research Topics:

nanoscience and technology, nanoelectronics, surface and interface science, materials for alternative energy, nanowires, catalysis, sensors, organic electronics, nanotoxicology.

Research Overview:

Our research focuses on fundamental studies of surface, ultrathin film, interface and nanostructure systems that are of relevance to advanced technology. Past studies have included research on atomic and molecular adsorption and reaction, thin film growth, nanoelectronics, and interface structure. Current interests include alternative energy materials (for photovoltaics, catalysis, and energy storage), surface functionalization, nanowires, bio-materials interfaces, sensors, and nano-toxicity. We address questions concerning the interplay between growth mechanism, film structure and composition, and device properties. We use electron spectroscopy, ion scattering, scanning probe and electron microscopies, and other surface and nanoscience methods. We collaborate with an interdisciplinary range of research teams within and outside Rutgers. Primary funding is from the National Science Foundation.

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