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Our lab uses solid-state and solution NMR to study proteins, membranes, and materials. 

This site is archived, please see for the most up to date information. 

Spring 2022


From left to right, Top: Tom Osborn Popp, Robert Palmere, Eric Mooney, Andy Nieuwkoop, Rashawn Green, Gobin Acharya, Brandon Matchett; Bottom: Insha Chhabra, Zainab Mustapha, Ashley Bernstein. Not pictured: Jackie Perodeau

Fall 2021


From left to right, Top: Andy Nieuwkoop, Jackie Perodeau, Tom Osborn Popp; Bottom: Ashley Bernstein, Insha Chhabra, Robert Palmere

Summer 2018

group photo 2018 3e9f6

From left to right, Top: Robert Palmere, Andy Nieuwkoop; Bottom: Jackie Perodeau, Stefany Lazieh, Ashley Bernstein



GB1 CDN 105KHz hNH good 65e55

The Nieuwkoop lab has the capability to acquire very fast MAS NMR spectra. This hNH spectrum of 13C 15N labeled GB1 was acquired at 105 kHz MAS with an 800 MHz spectrometer.



  • August 2022 
    • Andy attended the 29th ICMRBS Conference and gave a talk and had a poster
    • Gobin attended a Gordon Research Conference on ionic liquids and had a poster
  • July 2022 
    • Jackie defended - Congratulations Dr. Perodeau!
    • Andy and Tom attended the Rocky Mountain Conference on Magnetic Resonance. Andy gave a talk and Tom had a poster
  • May 2022 
    • Gobin joined the lab! Welcome Gobin!
    • Zainab joined the lab! Welcome Zainab!
  • April 2022 - Andy, Tom, and Ashley attended the 63rd annual ENC Conference. Tom gave a very well recieved presentation and Ashley and Andy each had a poster
  • February 2022 - Andy attended and presented at the Biophysical Society Conference
  • January 2022 - We recieved a NIST funding award! Congrats Jackie and Andy!
  • December 2021 
    • Andy and Robert have a paper published in Biophysical Journal!
    • Andy gave a talk at the Pacifichem conference
  • November 2021 - Andy, Ashley, and Tom have a paper published in Applied Polymer Materials!
  • September 2021 
    • Our lab has received an NIH RO1 Award for 5 years of funding! Congrats, Andy!
    • Insha joined the lab! Welcome Insha!
  • July 2021 - Andy, Tom, and Ashley have a paper published in Applied Materials and Interfaces!
  • May 2021 - Tom has been chosen as a Arnold O. Beckman Postdoctoral Fellow for chemical instrumentation development. Congratulations!
  • March 2021 
    • Tom spoke at the department's Physical Chemistry Seminar series
    • Andy attended the Spring ACS Conference and hosted a symposium
  • January 2021 - Ashley recieved the Rieman Award for Outstanding Accomplishments as a Teaching Assistant
  • December 2020 - Andy spoke at the ICMRBS ECR Webinar
  • November 2020 
    • Tom joins the group! Welcome!
    • Ashley spoke at the Rutgers Chemistry Graduate Seminar
  • August 2020 
    • Eric joined the group! Congrats!
  • June 2020 - Clara joined the group! Welcome!
  • May 2020 - Stefany graduated with her bachelor's with honors! Conrgatulations!
  • April 2020 - Robert passed his IFRP and advanced to candidacy! Congratulations!
  • March 2020
    • Andy, Jackie, Ashley, and Stefany went to ENC in Baltimore. Andy and Jackie both gave talks; and Jackie, Ashley, and Stefany presented posters
    • Jackie and Andy have a paper published in Journal of Biolmolecular NMR! Congrats!
  • January 2020
    • Jackie and Andy have a paper published in Biochimica et Biophysica Acta (BBA)-Biomembranes! Congrats!
    • Stefany recieved an ARESTY fellowship, congrats!
    • Ashley recieved the Chemistry and Chemical Biology Service Award, congrats!
  • November 2019 - Robert passed his OFRP, congrats!
  • September 2019 - A Busch Biomedical Research proposal was funded, congrats Jackie and Andy!
  • July 2019 - Daniel has been accepted to the Ernest Mario School of Pharmacy, congrats!
  • April 2019 
    • Jackie passed her IFRP and advanced to candidacy! Congratulations!
    • Ashley passed her IFRP and advanced to candidacy! Congratulations!
    • Andy and Jackie attended the ENC conference in Asilomar. Jackie presented a poster!
  • March 2019 - Andy attended and gave a talk at the Biophysical Society Conference
  • February 2019 - Stefany recieved an ARESTY/Honors College Research Fellowship, congrats!
  • December 2018 - Jackie passed her OFRP, congrats!
  • October 2018 - Ashley passed her OFRP, congrats!
  • August 2018 - Daniel joins the group! Welcome!
  • May 2018 - Robert joined the lab! Welcome!
  • April 2018 - Andy attended the ENC conference in Orlando!
  • March 2018 - Ashley joined the lab! Welcome!
  • January 2018 - Jackie attended the Biomolecular Solid-state NMR Winter School
  • September 2017 - Stefany joined the group! Welcome!
  • May 2017 - Jackie joined the group! Welcome!