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  cs 2018 05172s 0013


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                                                           cs 2018 014975 0014 a47c4


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                                                             ic 2017 03086n 0006 ff331


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droppedImage 1


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ar 2016 00621b 0006


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Picture 1


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droppedImage 2


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droppedImage 3


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droppedImage 4


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droppedImage 5


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droppedImage 6


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droppedImage 7

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ja 2015 05313g 0027


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topics in organometallic chemistry


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droppedImage 8


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C O BondCleavageGraphic


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ja 2014 03953v 0008


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droppedImage 9


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ja 2014 01572g 0018


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advances in organometallic chemistry and catalysis


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cs 2013 00624c 0011


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ja 2013 04566v 0018


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ja 2013 066392 0007


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ja 2012 12464b 0040


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droppedImage 10


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droppedImage 11


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droppedImage 12


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droppedImage 13


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alkane c h activation by single site metal catalysis


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CF Website Dec2011 2 tif


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mol1 core


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droppedImage 1


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droppedImage 14


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droppedImage 15


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om 2010 00145q 0006


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shapeimage 9


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shapeimage 10


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shapeimage 11


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shapeimage 12


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shapeimage 13


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shapeimage 14


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shapeimage 15


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ja 2008 00434r 0013


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