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Majoring in chemistry can take you where you want to go!

Chemistry is an available major to students in SAS, the School of Engineering, and the School of Pharmacy. The department makes an effort to schedule chemistry courses normally taken during the first three years on both Cook/Douglass and Busch/Livingston campuses. All courses required for the major are offered during the day and in the evening.


I like the critical thinking nature of chemistry. It is both conceptual in terms of learning and applying theories, and practical in terms of carrying out reactions and using instruments in labs.

    chemical bonds that are the basis of everyday life - from water to cell phones.

    the physical laws of nature at the molecular scale.

    cutting-edge laboratory techniques.

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The Department of Chemistry is part of the School of Arts and Sciences

As a Chemistry major in the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have full access to a liberal arts education that spans 47 programs for undergraduates. You will acquire both the specialized knowledge of the field you choose to study in depth, and broad knowledge of the world from the renowned scholar-teachers at Rutgers. You’ll graduate ready to meet contemporary challenges in your workplace, in your hometown, and in the global community.

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